Kansas City is Hot!! So Much Fun!!

Have you ever really looked at what Kansas city has to offer-So much this is really a vacation town if you can get beyond still being at home-Lol.

Lets start with our water parks-Amazing to say the least Schlitterbahn Waterpark!! Awesome fun in water. So it is touted as having the highest and longest water slide-I don’t know but it is so much fun! the price is worth the entrance fee. Just plan all day and getting there early and staying really late.

The next water park is Oceans of Fun. A little older but much more affordable and kids run the park! This is a Great place because it will team up with World of Fun. When combined the tickets are just a few dollars and worth all the smiles your kids will give you. Pack a lunch and plan on sun and lotion and a billion smiles from your kids as they take up every single ride or water slide. My kids enjoyed the get away here more than Schlitterbahn because it was not so over whelming. I am talking 8 and 9 year old. So you can gage for your self what is best.

In the winter things slow down but not when you go inside to the Great Wolf Lodge. What a super great getaway for a weekend. My kids love the camp rooms and this water park is inside and throughout lots of screaming kids and moms relaxing. Moms are able to watch over every part of this water park and sit and just relax! Take the time!

The other water park in Kansas city is Coco Keys. Previously Adams Hotel across from the stadium and many thousands of people litterly staying at this hotel. They have done a great job bringing the hotel back to life. You can do this park with younger children and feel very comfortable going here on a rainy or winter night. It is very reasonable. Lots of splashing and giggles in here. The kids find more fun on the pirate ship and other wonderful items that can use a child’s imagination.

Kansas city is a wonderful family friendly city. To continue I would like to discuss the wonderful museums of the city. Nelson Atkins is really great. This is a free museum and it caries some of the most notable artist is our history, When an exhibit is in town their may be a small fee for entry, the rest of the time it is sponsored by the Ford motor company and that is wonderful to know.

The World War I Museum is really a tribute to those brave men in a time where you basically went to war and did not return. This has the uniforms and stories that will warm your heart. The letters from solders and the way they bonded with their fellow military brothers.

Harry S Truman Museum is a tribute to a visionary of unbelievable commitment to our country. Easy to walk and enjoy with young children. Very endearing is the Truman home. You will be taken back to a time and place of a quieter and gentler generation.

Downtown the Money Museum is FREE and we learn so much about how money works and you can buy some shredded  up money. Who doesn’t like money??

If your sons are car buffs than go and visit the Interactive Car Museum! Totally vavavoom! Cars are not extinct here. Everything you may have read about but were afraid to go see-here is your place! Love this museum!

Try and visit these wonderful places and more will be added as I work on this blog-Leave a comment below and share other places.